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Cassette Tapes

Custom Loaded Blank Audio
Cassette Tapes


  • Premium quality shells, white or clear, tabs-in; chrome notch clear
  • Choice of highest quality tapes
  • Sold in standard packs of 100 of any one kind
  • For quantities of 5000 or more call for current discounted prices
  • All other lengths loaded and priced at next highest length
  • Custom loaded cassettes are loaded precisely to your specifications. Please be sure of exact requirements, as these cassettes are not returnable

Always specify the tape length that you need in terms of total length (both sides of the tape). For example, if you want a tape that's 10 minutes long on one side, you would need to order a tape with twenty minutes total running time, or a C-20.

When trying to match the length of a master cassette always time the tape to determine its precise length, as the length printed on the label is often shorter than the actual length.

It's a good idea to add a few extra seconds to the tape length to prevent clipping the tail of your recording in the event of shifts in speed of recording equipment.

Please note that all audio cassettes are sold without boxes.
For audio cassette boxes and albums please see the
Audio Cassettes & Accessories page.

Custom Loaded High Bias Audio Cassettes(Type II, Chrome)
Custom Loaded Normal Bias Cassettes (SKX)

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Custom Loaded Blank Audio
Cassette Tapes

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